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Support Groups


Meet on the first Wednesday between 1.00-3.00 pm each month except January

Venue: St Peter's Church in the 'Common Room' on the 2nd floor of the church rooms. The entrance is down the slope to right of the main church building.

Address: St. Peter's Church, Gubbins Lane, Harold Wood, Essex RM3 0QA

Directions: Left at the mini roundabout, from Squirrels Heath Road into Gubbins Lane. St Peter's church building is on the right next door to the Neighbourhood Centre.

Please park in Ingrebourne Centre car park - opposite church. There is a zebra crossing.
There is limited disabled parking in the church car park, to the right of the main church building.
There is disabled access to the building and all floors.
Reception (on the ground floor) will direct you to the Common Room.

Dates for 2016 (1st Wednesdays):

January - No meeting
3 February
2 March
6 April
4 May
1 June
6 July
3 August
7 September
5 October
2 November
7 December (Lounge 1st floor - Quiz and food)


Meet on the fourth Thursday between 2.00-3.15 pm month except December

The group has been meeting monthly since January 2004. The sessions are facilitated by Specialist Support Worker Sue Chadwick. There is a nominal charge of £4 paid on attendance only.

Before attending, a new participant must complete a questionnaire and disclaimer and receive a General Advice sheet.

Blankets, cushions and mats are provided. Most stretches and movements are lying on the floor, some are seated on a chair and some standing. The session always begins with a short relaxation and ends with 'breathing practice', followed by a longer session of relaxation.

Some attend regularly but others due to the fluctuating nature of CFS/ME find regular attendance difficult. Both needs can be accommodated within the group.

The benefits that some have mentioned are:

  1. Generally regaining confidence in using their body. (Something that some individuals hadn't realised they'd lost!!)
  2. Improvement in the range of movements, muscle strength and tone.
  3. Improvement in concentration and co-ordination.
  4. Awareness of poor posture.
  5. Awareness of areas of held tension and poor breathing habits.
  6. Awareness of how anxiety and breathing patterns are linked.

A facilitator seems to be appreciated to limit and guide individuals so that they are less likely to overdo things! A better quality and depth of relaxation occurs in these sessions for most individuals, perhaps because they are out of their own environment.

Although the sessions are between 2.00-3.15pm, the room is booked between 1.30-3.30 pm to allow time for socialising. The group meet in the 'Common Room' at St Peter's Church*, Gubbins Lane, Harold Wood, RM3 0QA.
See St Peter's Church Centre access details in the Adult ME Support Group section. (*Please note this is not a religious group)

There is a charge of £4 each session. Payable on attendance only.

Dates for 2016:

28 January
25 February
24 March
28 April
26 May
23 June
28 July
25 August
22 Sept
27 October
24 November
No meeting December