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NeBeT (Neuro-Behavioural Training) - www.nebet.co.uk - the new neuro-behavioual training programme offered by Susan Codd, Specialist Occupational Therapist in CFS/ME and Audrey Norman, Counsellor in CFS/ME. Both work with Professor L J Findley, Consultant Neurologist who is a recognised specialist in the diagnosis and management of CFS/ME.

M.E. Association - www.meassociation.org.uk - Tel: 01280 816115

25% M.E. Group - www.25megroup.org - The 25% M.E. Group is a unique nation-wide community based voluntary group who provide a range of services to people affected by severe M.E., many of whom are virtually housebound and or bedbound. - Tel: 01292 318611

Action for M.E. - www.afme.org.uk - Tel: 0117 9279551

Association of Young People with M.E. - www.ayme.org.uk - Tel: 08951 232389

BRAME - www.brame.org - Blue Ribbon for the Awareness of M.E. - Tel: 01493 393717

WAMES - Welsh Association of ME & CFS Support - www.wames.org.uk - The Welsh Association of ME & CFS Support is an umbrella body set up in April 2001 with the aim of giving a united voice to ME and CFS sufferers in Wales. - Tel: 029 2051 4328

MERGE - www.meresearch.org.uk - ME Research Group for Education and Support (UK Charity no. 1080201) - Tel: 01738 451234

M.E. Support - www.mesupport.co.uk - An informative ME related web site.

Government Working Group on M.E. - For an update on the progress of this, visit the Department of Health's web site: www.doh.gov.uk and type in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

About.com - http://chronicfatigue.about.com - About.com is a network of sites led by expert guides. They have an extensive section on CFS/M.E.

Overton Studios Trust - www.ostrust.co.uk - A UK Registered Christian Charity which provides world-wide holistic online support for sufferers from ME, CFS, PVS and Fibromyalgia

CFS - M.E. - www.cfs-me.co.uk - A web site by Dr David Mason Brown that has alternative treatments to the condition.

Parents with M.E. - www.mecfsparents.org.uk - A community for Mums, Dads, Mums-to-be and Dads-to-be who suffer from ME/CFS.

Chronic Fatigue Treatments - www.chronicfatiguetreatments.com - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms and Fibromyalgia Treatment

Freedom From ME - www.freedomfromme.co.uk - Features a large amount of original information and material about treating ME, with PDFs and audio downloads about nutrition, relaxation, stress, sleep and various holistic approaches which can be helpful in treating ME/CFS conditions.

A Way Through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - www.awaythroughcfs.co.uk - ME/CFS hypnotherapy CDs, information, forums and a chat room.

Relaxation Tapes and CDs - www.calming.org - Not a specific M.E. site, but a non-profit making web site set-up by a former M.E. in-patient at Oldchurch Hospital giving independent reviews of guided relaxations on tape, CD, mp3 and online audio.

South Coast Fatigue Service - www.southcoastfatigue.co.uk - Treatment Interventions for people with Severely Affected Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME

ME/CFS Study - www.survey.ljmu.ac.uk/mecfsstudy - Hello, I am a Health Psychology Masters student from Liverpool John Moores University carrying out a study comparing symptoms of people with ME/CFS of people undergoing the Lightning Process and those who are not over a monthÕs period. This study is been carried out to look at its effect on symptoms to see if it has any short-term effects. I therefore would like to recruit people who are not undergoing the lightning process to look at their symptoms over a month. If you would be willing to participate, please follow the link where you will find more information about the questionnaire and complete it online. Many thanks!

The Optimum Health Clinic - www.FreedomFromME.co.uk - Features a large amount of original information and material about treating ME, with PDFs and audio downloads about nutrition, relaxation, stress, sleep and various holistic approaches

MEcuperate - www.mecuperate.co.uk - A website to help others cope with living with ME/CFS. A positive website to help people live despite the condition.

For M.E. Support Groups & M.E. resources without Web Sites go to our Support Groups page.

International M.E. Links:

International Online Support Group for CFS/FMS - http://pub123.ezboard.com/bsunshine35446


The CFIDS Report - www.cfidsreport.com

CFIDS Association of America - www.cfids.org


FM-CFS Canada - www.mefmaction.net

National ME/FM Action Network - http://www3.sympatico.ca/me-fm.action


ME Society of New South Wales - www.me-cfs.org.au

CFS Support - http://cfssupport.netfirms.com - CFS Support is a site for people from Australia to find support groups, advice and somewhere to have fun with other people in the same situation.


Spanish Foundation for Fibromialgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - www.fundacionfatiga.org

Fibrofatiga-Unidos - www.fibrofatiga-unidos.info - Spanish non-profit organisation. Their object is to offer the maximum information about CFS/M.E.

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