NMEC The National M.E. Centre - And Centre For Fatigue Syndromes Chronic Fatigue Syndromes

Esther Rantzen has long been a campaigner and advocate for the "underdog". From her early days in radio to her rise in the world of television, she has never been afraid to question authority.

She has always shown great empathy when tackling sensitive issues such as organ donation, stillbirth, drug abuse and more recently, her very important and public campaign on child abuse. This led to the setting up of ChildLine which has been instrumental in helping thousands of children and has been used as a model for similar organizations in other countries.

From a personal perspective, Esther's daughter Emily, became very ill and was bed bound for many months after being diagnosed with ME/CFS. Esther learnt firsthand the devastating effect this illness has not just on the patient, but on the whole family. As with every other project she has been involved in, Esther set about learning as much as she could about this illness. It became apparent to her that there was very little information and even less support for this group of people and once again, she found herself at the forefront of a campaign.